About LittleHowdy

Just a bit about us.

Being lucky enough to grow up in Texas, we were raised to live free, let our imagination roam, to respect others, and we understood that your “howdy” was really supposed to mean, “how do you do?”. Even if this might be a Texas way of life, we think that captures what the nature of being a kid should look like ... we call it “Wild Hearted Good”.
Imagination. Respect. Free-Spirits. Wild Hearted Good.
That’s LittleHowdy.

We're raising 3 amazing boys in this great state, and since they were young, we've shared the adventurous and good-hearted nature of the people, places, food, music, and life that Texas has to offer! And, we've wanted a way to share that opportunity with others, in a fun, fashionable and respectable manner...that would allow us all to keep sharing that same goodness with others too! 

LittleHowdy is a collection of quality designed goods for kiddos that seek to capture the Good Hearted Nature of Texas, the Imagination of the Wild, and an Inspiration to Bring adventure and good everywhere we can.

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Stay Wild, y'all!